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May 30, 2013
World Supreme Court
Who should nominate members of the World Supreme Court?
Various states must nominate good charactered, well behaved competent individuals to the World Supreme Court.

What are examples of continents and states?
Continents are North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and Antarctica.
State means state of Illinois, New York, California, Yukon, Kashmir, Karnataka, and similar states.

What is the location of work?
The nominees do not need to move away from the state. Nominees can be located in the state and get nominated to the World Supreme Court.

World Supreme Court judges and staff can work via the Internet.

What are the duties of World Supreme Court judges?
They should adjudicate and make recommendations on most difficult cases from various states.

Nominees must maintain an Internet presence. If they are not able to have Internet presence for any reason, that must be circulated publicly.

How many judges are expected to be nominated to the World Supreme Court?
At least 1111 judges are expected to be nominated to the World Supreme Court, plus their staff.

What questions should a World Supreme Court judge be able to answer?
A World Supreme Court judge must be able to answer these questions and practice answers to these questions.

What are the elements of effective case management?
How do you define justice?
How do you evaluate quality of the judicial system in the state?
Here are further guidelines.