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Search engine listing, Submit a site, Brief, description, Title and Domain name.

Civilized Government is encouraged, partnering with search engine to make it easier for residents to access information on government programs and services.

World wide Federal Governments and State governments are encouraged to offer single contract per year to get their all websites listed instead each department seeking to get listed separately.

Certain exceptions are welcome, like city's, making it faster and easier for residents to find the information they need. The partnership will also make available public information that was previously not accessible through other search engines.

All World Governments and administrations must be committed to 21st-century technology, This will provide our residents with quick and intuitive access to Government’s resources

Technology makes it faster and easier to accurately find the information that residents, businesses and visitors need. is dedicated to organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful. We feel very aligned with Civilized Governments, Private Business in pursuit of this goal.

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