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How would I manage this case?
Take a look at this.

An anti-election rally.
______ and ______ were arrested at their respective residences and a case (______) was brought under section ______ of the Unlawful Activities Act.

What constitutes an unlawful activity?
What is the law?
Which concept of law is applicable in this scenerio?
What's the difference between the law and justice?
What is election law?
Who framed election law?
Who was involved?
What is their ethnicity?
Where are they located?
Have they framed these laws fairly?
What is the purpose of elections?
What is the difference between gambling and elections?
What is the difference between preplanned gambling and due process fair elections?
What is a caretaker administration?
When is a caretaker administration justified?
How should a caretaker administration manage and display regular progress and results?
What is the difference between a competent administration and an unfair, corrupt administration?
Was fair democratic process used?
What should be taken into account while framing elections law?
What questions are mandatory to be answered?
Who framed the constitution?
When was this constitution framed?
Which year is this now?
Is implementing an obsolete constitution justified?
What needs to be done once a constitution becomes obsolete?
What has happened from that point until now?
What did they ignore then?
What are they ignoring now?
What will be the consequences of ignoring the realities?
Who is the government?
Who planted this government?
Who are the key members of this government?
What is their character?
Who is behind these members?
What is RAW?
    Raw is a loosely knit Hindu business coterie with overseas implications. Raw has an intelligence network. Raw places Ambassadors, Governors, Chief Justice, Member Parliament, Chief Secretaries, Head of the Police, Chief ministers, even the Prime minister and President. Raw needs dunderheads who are going to be rubber stamps for Raw.

What has been their performance?
How did they resolve issues submitted to them in the past?
What has been the extent of the harm they have done?

We stop it here. Once you get answers to these questions, we proceed again.

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How will advance payments be made?
What punishments do they deserve?