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Requirements for J&K have been delayed to June 2009.

Here are the requirements:
Machinery for large scale food processing units in all districts; Machinery for filling, closing, sealing, encapsulating or labeling cans, bottles, boxes, bags, or other containers; robot machinery to build automobiles and aircraft.

By the time the factory is established in Pulwama for steel products, SAIL will provide construction steel for four and eight-storey buildings. Housing and urban development, in cooperation with consumer affairs, food, and public distribution departments, enlists those who don't own a dwelling of 200 square feet. Housing and urban development also will enlist those who have encroached on public land from past 40 years.

Also needed are machinery for large paper processing units; Machinery for electrical equipment, plumbing, firefighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration; manufacturing machinery for large-scale laundry products; and administration-sponsored large-scale factory for designing and stitching winter jackets for adults and schoolchildren.

Existing cement plants will keep their audit report ready with quality, quantity, and existing capacity. More cement plants are required, plus a large-scale computer factory manufacturing plant.

Campus for Qureshi University.