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Take a look at this. The rules would not come into force unless approved by the competent authority, which is the governor in the present case (N N Vohra). Published by Greater Kashmir. I dispute this claim. He is member of Raw. Warning to RAW, ECI, & greater Kashmir: Don't try to be a pawn (mohra) for money in the hands of Raw.

The present Director General of the Police: He is member of Raw.
All Ambassadors will be replaced with Muslims, Dalits, Sikhs, Christians and the treasury will display all transactions publicly weekly via the media. Replace all Hindu Ambassadors.

Raw powered, Psychological torture, Physical torture, Corruption in politics of regulations, Racism, Deprivations of rights under the color of law, Political abuse, Discrimination, targeted harms, Disruption, Exclusion. What punishment do you deserve?

How many Kashmiri muslim ambassadors have there been the last 30 years? How many Indian muslim ambassadors have there been the last 50 years?

Who has the answer?
Who is willing to answer?
Who has the duty and responsibility to answer?
What is your answer?