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July 11, 2008/1429.
Protests, shutdown.

The purpose of this statement is to remind all those who consider themselves pro-people, humanitarians, separatists, disputed, neutral, or pro-movement about the rhetoric, present dynamics and service to people.

I came across statement on the World Wide Web.
Decisions and transfers and postings of officers unless shown to the Chief Secretary and Vohra etc.
Who posted him?
RAW (Research and analysis wing)
Is it justified?
Malacious influence peddling by RAW is going to lead to civil/military disobedience and the rationale of the statement is questionable as the contents and materials are undemocratic, malaciously engineered.
July 11, 2008/1429.
Protests shutdown. Against these and related harmful malacious activities.

Divisional Commissioner/Deputy Commissioners/Police/Military/Administrative secretaries. Systems have collapsed. Systems will collapse. I am writing to you with regard to the issues related to your duties and responsibilities. Again, Safety, security, Needs, Interests, Values, Rights. Further instructions are going to be posted in coming days ahead. Administrative secretaries have been directed not to issue orders concerning decisions and transfers and postings of officers unless posted on the world wide web. Orders, if any, issued in this behalf with effect from July 7, 2008 shall be submitted to the World wide web.

Ambassadors, External Affairs minister Kashmir.
Who is willing to fulfill these duties and responsibilities?

What did you understand?