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What's your problem?

Emissary Vohra, despite his limited experience in the deep-rooted political dynamics of Kashmir, foreign affairs, and the region's local dynamics. He does not even speak Kashmiri. Local people are not going to cooperate with him.

The Research and Analysis Wing dynamics (RAW) has malaciously engineered Vohra as governor. However, simply promoting him to this position--in the same way the present chief justice (who knows nothing about Kashmir) was apparently positioned.

Moreover, several educational programs have emerged in Kashmir, including seminars, conferences, and other deliberations. Such endeavors should vividly address the issues, questions, or problems they are trying to solve. Kashmiris have the right to be successful; Kashmiri leaders have the responsibility to guide people in the right direction while keeping people's safety, security, needs, interests, values, and rights in view.

Should the post of governor of Kashmir be abolished or should the duties and responsibilities of this position be redefined? What are the duties and responsibilities of Kashmir's governor?
What about those in charge of Kashmir's treasury?
Can you give a brief overview?
Moreover, what about those who are wobbling around media dynamics in order to garner more media attention?
How can you enhance people's safety, security, needs, interests, values, and rights?
How can you enhance products and services for people?
How have you done the same in the past?
How do you plan to do the same in the future?
How can you enhance Kashmir's foreign affairs?
How can you help establish Kashmiri embassies worldwide?
How do you plan to accomplish this?
If you don't have an answer, stay away from public affairs.

Meanwhile, Kashmir's foreign affairs dynamics have gained momentum. Moreover, what newly proposed and ongoing projects are R&B Roads and buildings, JKPCC and Beacon, and related stakeholders currently involved in?
Please make sure the following are publically announced and accessible, including on the World Wide Web.
What will it look like?
What will it cost?
Where will it be located?
How was the budget determined?
Who are the competitors?

J&K Bank and others: Re 1 = $1
Fixed exchange rate.
What have you done in this regard?

Moreover, do you want a president or prime minister in Kashmir?

Do you want a shoura council of learned, experienced jurists or the traditional rubber-stamp appointed dunderheads, maliciously engineered by RAW, etc, etc., who do not know the components of effective case management?

In regards to places in which ambassadors are going to be stationed and their hosts: Who is going to furnish all the dynamics of the embassy? Where will the embassies be located?