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What are the duties and responsibilities of this representative?

Various genuine issues have been highlighted, including fraud by member political representatives, incompetence, harms, corruption, bad character, bad behavior, and planting of unscrupulous incompetent representative member. We can have an Asian Parliament.
Every state sends its representative to the Asian Parliament.

They will have counterparts like North American Parliament, South American Parliament, European Parliament, and African Parliament.
The Asian Parliament will be located in ______, the North American Parliament in Illinois, and the South American Parliament in ______.
An African parliament also has emerged, although it is not fully operational.

They will send remuneration for their representative in cargo. Don't send money, bank transfer, or cash.

Each member will answer the following questions:
What is good character?
What is good behavior?
What is the difference between good character and good bahavior?
What are the assets of the representative?
How did he/she get these assets?
What is the remuneration?
When can a representative be recalled?
What are the duties and responsibilities of this representative?

Would you like me/us to give training to your representative?
How will the remuneration be shipped?
We accept by ship, by air, and by trucks.
Do you have any other method or recommendation?