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Health care and desktop computer monitor
Asif Qureshi
5042 N Winthrop Ave # 237
Chicago, Illinois 60640

June 17, 2012

What will you advise as a medical doctor or ophthalmologist to a patient using a desktop computer monitor for a prolonged time?

What proof is there that existing desktop computer monitor luminous intensity affects the eyesight focus of people at normal room luminous intensity?

Select a person on a desktop computer monitor for a prolonged time. Ask him or her to read the telephone number on the visiting card. You will see the difference.

The luminous intensity of a desktop computer monitor and room luminous intensity are not the same.

What are the consequences of higher luminous intensity of a desktop computer monitor?

People take a prolonged time to become accustomed to normal room luminous intensity after prolonged activities on the desktop computer monitor.

How could this be prevented?

Brightness/contrast of the desktop computer monitor
This needs ongoing research.