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May 13, 2013
Resignation of Law Minister Ashwani Kumar and Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal on corruption charges is not enough. The PM should resign demand, claim, insist various sources including BJP.

All associated with them must be banned from public office directly or indirectly.

Do you feel that a new nominee for law minister can fulfill these duties?

Kapil Sibal in the 2G spectrum scam and Internet censorship controversy is unable to guide others. With more probing, many more scandals are likely to unfold.

Kapil Sibal must resign.

Manmohan Singh must resign.

Stay away from public issues.
Further punishments must go ahead.
Their assets must be confiscated.
Defense Minister A. K. Antony must go as well.

Defense executives must be able to guide manufacturing of defense equipment. An arts graduate, A. K. Antony, has been placed in a wrong position. He has been placed to enhance corruption.

What is a resignation?
A resignation is the formal act of giving up or quitting one's office or position.

Do you think newcomers or those nominated can fulfill these duties?

Bharat, Hindustan, or Asian states: What do you understand by human development index?

What should others know who try to participate in elections?
With deceit or fraud, overtly or covertly, you may be declared winner in any election, but that is not enough. You may get placed in any position fraudulently, but that is not enough. You must prove your good character, good behavior, and competence to perform public service in the real world.

Why is this happening after the unfolding of scandals?
Most of these criminals do not get screened publicly for their abilities/skills, good character, and good behavior before duty is assigned to them.

How can these scandals/harms be prevented?
All nominees’ abilities and skills must be displayed publicly.
Nominees must have proven good character, good behavior, and competence relevant to the specific public office or duties.
Listing of various nominees must go ahead many months ahead of declaring their duties.

Experience has shown that a person can be declared for specific duties, then people realize this person cannot fulfill these duties due to lack of relevant abilities and skills.

The essential proof of good character is he or she should not lie. He or she should behave properly in various social settings. He or she should show competence by replying to relevant questions.