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Manmohan Singh and former RBI Governor C Rangarajan: You are required to answer these questions by May 22, 2011.

This alert is to all officers, workers, youth, parents, and their relatives from Kashmir and officers outside Kashmir. Do not be misled by advertisements that do not answer relevant questions.

This is in context of a committee headed by C Rangarajan and Manmohan Singh claiming to be Prime Minister. On May 19, 2011, they announced job-linked skill training to one lakh youth in Jammu and Kashmir, 100 percent centrally assisted and cost the exchequer Rs 235.3 crore.

We need answers to relevant questions.
Experience has demonstrated that defunct, flawed, and fraudulent schemes are created that eventually prove to be harmful rather than helpful to people.
Manmohan Singh and former RBI Governor C Rangarajan: You are required to answer these questions by May 22, 2011.

Have other state administrations given consent to these activities?
What are the names of the host states?
Who was consulted from other state administrations?
How many will each state accommodate per year?
Who will object to these activities?
Do they have genuine rights?
Who should be contacted from the state administration of other states?
What is the location for work?
How long will they stay in the other state?
Who will provide remuneration in the host state?
Who will be their guide in the host state?
Is the guide in host state able to answer all relevant questions?
Who should be punished in case of any harms?
Who is responsible for the safety of workers?
What precise skills and knowledge are they expected to get?
Why can't these skills and knowledge be imparted while at home in Kashmir via computer and Internet?

Take a look at this.
In what ways are your programs better than these programs?