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Do you want Azadi/Independence?

Those who are for Azadi/Independence, please answer seriously.
What do you want?
Do you want Azadi/Independence?
Who is willing to take on the duty and responsibility of the Minister of External Affairs?
Who is willing to take on the duty and responsibility of being Ambassadors? Rhetorically, can Kashmir survive as an independent entity? In this scenario, these questions will need to be answered.

The way they (Raw and white Racists) have handled and managed Kashmir, the same mismanagement and experiment is implemented in India or on White racists.

Can White racists survive?
Can RAW survive?
What is RAW?
    Raw is a loosely knit Hindu business coterie with overseas implications. Raw has an intelligence network. Raw places Ambassadors, Governors, Chief Justice, Member Parliament, Chief Secretaries, Head of the Police, Chief ministers, even the Prime minister and President. Raw needs dunderheads who are going to be rubber stamps for Raw.
Can White racists survive?

Impose an oil embargo.

Exploit and instigate people the way they have inflicted, instigated harm, and experimented in Kashmir and than see what will happen.

In America.
Give weapons to the underprivileged, blacks, Hispanics, the oppressed, Indian Americans, and the marginalized and make/let them fight the White racists.

In India Give weapons to Naxalities, Ltte, Dalits, Sikhs, the oppressed, Muslims. and let them fight with RAW.

Lockerheed Martin and others go ahead. You have done good business in Kashmir.

You have so much of the other markets now.
What will happen?
What's going to happen? Oppressors within the U.S. and India should know that the techniques and tricks they used on Kashmiris and others are the same that the oppressed can use on them.

They must hand over those involved in criminal wrongdoing for the death penalty with remedies and solutions.