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June 11, 2009
They are involved in crimes.
They are incompetent.

A cabinet meeting has been scheduled.
And so-called Indian cabinet.
All are required to abstain from this meeting.
Any directive coming from this cabinet meeting shouldn't be respected and shouldn't be implemented in the interest of rights and fairness.
What are the reasons?
They are involved in crimes.
They are incompetent.

How should officers perform their duties and responsibilities?
Every supervisor must take answers in writing from every officer.

What are your duties and responsibilities?
What is good human character?
What is good human behavior?
What is the difference between good character and good bahavior?

Every supervisor must know the answers to these questions.
The same should be displayed publicly.

No officer can be transferred from his posting or asked to be away from his duties and responsibilities for at least two years. If an officer is forced to follow a malicious harmful agenda, he/she must declare this publicly. The officer will be compensated later for his/her courage, honesty, dedication, trustworthiness, character, behavior, and competence.

If an officer shows dereliction of duty, is unable to answer relevant questions about his/her duties and responsibilities, character, behavior, misuse of official position, or deviation from responses to the above questions, those details can be documented and then the officer or head of the department can be, transferred, attached, suspended, or asked for voluntary retirement to protect rights and fairness.

About the budget:
How would I manage this differently?
Take a look at this.