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January 30, 2010

Asian Global Chamber of Commerce.
American Global Chamber of Commerce.
Kashmir Global Chamber of Commerce.
What will it do?
How will it do it?

We look for working groups on Kashmir-Punjab, Kashmir-Haryana, Kashmir-Gujarat, Kashmir-Rajasthan, Kashmir-Delhi, Kashmir-UP, Kashmir-Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir-Maharashtra, Kashmir-Karnataka, Kashmir-Bengal, Kashmir-Kerala, Kashmir-Tamil Nadu, Kashmir-Andhra, Kashmir-Pakistan, Kashmir-China, Kashmir-Illinois, Kashmir-Latin America, Kashmir-Africa, Kashmir-Australia, Kashmir-England, Kashmir-France, Kashmir-Saudia Arabia, Kashmir-International, etc.

How can you enhance the economy while keeping these sectors in mind?

A. Food: Drinkable water, grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, Consumable protein like eggs, poultry, mutton, beef, fish, milk, edible oil.
B. Clothing: Climate-specific clothing.
C. Construction: Urban planning and development, water, energy resources, building materials, buildings, roads, railways, airports, others.
D. Maintenance services: Water reservoirs, food warehouses, clothing, buildings, energy resources, railways, road maintenance.
E. Health care: Competent medical doctors who can offer correct diagnoses and treatment, nursing, social service, lab techs, operating theaters, intensive care units, supportive resources and services for medical doctors.Hospital Supplies.
F. Security: Intelligence.
G. Transportation: Railways, trucks, ships, airlines, tractors, buses, electric vehicle.
H. Consumer goods: Cooking ranges, cooking utensils, refrigerators, janitorial items.
I. Communications: Internet, satellite, telephone, postal service.
J. Education: Industry-specific, situation-specific education training and development.

How can we enhance the economy while keeping these sectors in mind?
Take a look at this.
This is impossible to finish in one document.
Please go to Qureshi University for further details.

Total area 360,000 square miles.
300 miles North, South, East, West of Srinagar.
Symmetrical Redistricting.
Total districts 97.
Total area of Srinagar City 1600 square miles.