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What are examples of flawed trade, business, economic pact, lease, or agreement?

How are these trade, business, economic pacts, leases, or agreements flawed?
Let's examine this.
On February 18, 2011, a news report circulated India and Malaysia that a landmark pact was signed that paves the way for freer flow of trade in goods and services, besides enhanced investment and economic cooperation.

Who all are involved?
Commerce Minister Anand Sharma; Indian Premier Manmohan Singh, specific names from other sides.

What do they mean by free flow of goods and services?
What type of free flow of goods and services in essential ingredients of economy are they pointing to?
What do they mean by investment?
Do we need investment of intellectual property of intelligent people or investment of fraudulent money?
What should be the origin of goods and services - and their destination?
How will these goods and services enhance essential ingredients of the economy?
Who will gain and who will be harmed?
Whom did they consult from every state?
Do people have confidence in their character, behavior, competence?
Are they directly or indirectly involved in harms?

Without answering relevant questions and documenting genuine objections, claims, and counterclaims with solutions and remedies, this is a flawed trade, business, economic pact, lease, or agreement.

Matters related to placement of a new governor and CM and associates in Kashmir before February 26, 2011. Any directives from them, including budget from February 27, 2011, are invalid as they have been placed fraudulently. They are involved in intentional harms. They are incompetent.

Who should be next governor, CM, or head of the state?