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Afzal Guru
How is he involved in harms?
All questions must be answered truthfully.
I am Asif Qureshi.
I am the founder of Qureshi University and the Global Democratic party.

I am pursuing this case on humanitarian grounds.
I do not know Afzal Guru.
However, allegations presented against him are clearly concocted.

Muhammad Yasin Guroo, the cousin of Afzal Guru, maintained that Afzal has been wrongly implicated in the case.

How is he involved in harms?
Is he directly or indirectly involved in harms, or none of these?
Did the lower court precisely answer all relevant questions?
Does the lower court know all the relevant facts?
Who supervised all the proceedings?
Is he or she able to answer all questions publicly?

What are the points against Home Minister P. Chidambaram's competence and credibility?

His election was fraudulent, with evidence from AIADMK rival R. S. Raja Kannappan in Madras High Court challenging his election to Lok Sabha from the Sivaganga constituency in the 2009 General Elections.

On August 10, 2011, BJP demanded Home Minister P. Chidambaram's resignation due to involvement in various harms.

He has been unable to answer relevant questions of good character, good behavior, rights, state planning and development, state economy, and state budget.

Have the proceedings been fair and justified up to August 10, 2011?

The proceedings are unfair.
All questions must be answered truthfully.
Case should be handed over to truthful, competent judges, lawyers, probation officers, police officer, supervisors, and investigating agencies.