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About the budget:
How would I manage this differently?
How would I write this differently?
How would I say this differently?
How would I do this differently?

There are people mentioning millions, billions without knowing real needs, interests, and values of the people.
Without knowing the answer to this question, how do you solve these problems?
Prior to the budget, I would seek answers to the following questions:

Do we need to set up more industries?
What type of industries do we need to establish?
Why do we need them?

How many total residents are there in the state or continent?
What are the sources of this information?
What is the total requirement: food, clothing, buildings, transportation, health care, security, industry-specific education, training and development?
How was the figure calculated?

One governor in one part of the world mentions to submit budget issues to elected representatives.
Issues were submitted to so-called elected representatives.
Why wasn't there any response?
Where are the solutions?
Who has the duty and responsibility to educate elected representatives?
Getting elected isn't enough; performance is essential.
Solutions and remedies to issues are essential.
How should non-performing elected representatives be replaced?

What are the imports?

Keep all imports in the warehouses of consumer affairs, food and public distribution.
What do we grow indigenously?
Keep all of them in warehouses of consumer affairs, food and public distribution.

How do we distribute them?

What should be the quota per person?

This is the basic structure to fulfill needs, interests, values, and rights of people.
After that, if a private person, party, company, cooperative, association, comes and can provide a better quality of products and with comparatively less efforts and value, it would be most welcome. I would encourage the same, reinforce the same, give incentives for the same.

If you see any vacant land that can be cultivated outside the city/county limits, you can't own the land; however, you can cultivate the same.
Crops, products: You can't sell on your own. You have to hand them over to consumer affairs food and public distribution. They will distribute it fairly. If consumer affairs food and public distribution isn't doing good work, you have the right to protest, claim, question.
Which is better: Leave it without any yield, or grow quality crops and fruit yielding trees?

The same holds true for the automobile industry.
After production, distribute the same through consumer affairs, food and public distribution. Initially, one car for one family. After that, one car for each person. Quota-based distribution.

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Don't hesitate to follow these guidelines.
Don't be shy to follow these guidelines.