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Yakub Memon, a Muslim, was hanged to death July 30, 2015, by Hindus at Nagpur, Maharashtra, Asia. Was hanging to death justified?

Yakub Memon, a Muslim, was hanged to death July 30, 2015, by Hindus at Nagpur, Maharashtra, Asia. Was hanging to death justified?

What is the proof of these facts?

Here are further facts.

Did he manufacture RDX that was utilized in the blasts?

Did he plant explosives at the locations where blasts took place?

Hindu criminal Pranab Mukerjee: Did he have sex with the prostitute Rita Mukerjee, who Pranab Mukerjee had placed as prostitute, and then Pranab Mukerjee was nominated fraudulently because of the fact that he was running a prostitution ring?

Termination of services with further punishments.

1.Termination of services of Justices Anil Dave, Kurian Joseph, Justice H L Dattu, Justice Deepak Mishra,
2.Termination of services of Chief Judicial Magistrate of Nagpur M M Deshpande
3.Termination of services of Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis.
4.Termination of services of Jail Superintendent Yogesh Desai.
5.Termination of services of Pramod Dattaram Kode (born 13 February 1953), additional judge of Bombay High Court.
6.Termination of doctors who participated in the process of hanging to death.

You have hanged to death a person who did not deserve death penalty.
The jail superintendent is trained not to follow harmful directives of judges based on human rights and facts.
Others should have known definition of murderer. He did not fit into the definition of murderer because he neither manufactured explosives nor planted explosives.

Instead of punishing murder, you yourself became a murderer.
Hanging a person to death who does not fit the definition of murderer is equal to murder. All of you have done murder of Yakub Memon.
Yakub Memon did not fit in the definition of murderer.
Yakub Memonís role did not deserve a death penalty.

Yakub Memonís last statement to his daughter: I haven't done anything which will bring shame to our family. I was never involved in anything. Take care of your mother," Yakub managed to say before hanging up for the last time.

If a judge under duress, corruption, incompetence, prejudice, or racism issues a death warrant, does that mean the jail superintendent will implement the directive without verification of facts.

Confiscate all assets of Yogesh Desai.
All those involved have to lose their jobs.
Direct them to stay away from public affairs.
Travel Ban.
Publication Ban.
Confiscate their assets with further punishments(Death Penalty).