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April 14, 2011
How are these deliberations flawed?

Let's examine this.
On April 14, 2011, it was announced that India's Commerce Secretary and a Judicial Committee on Prisoners will visit Pakistan April 19-23 as part of a flurry of meetings between the two sides.

How are these deliberations flawed?
This example will make you understand.
If Kerala develops products and services in essential ingredients of economy, will they export that to Islamabad, Pakistan, for commerce? No, they won't. They will consume these products and services within the state. Surplus products and services will get exported to adjacent states, though exchanging products and services for products and services in an essential ingredient of the state's economy.

If a person from Kerala is jailed in Islamabad, Pakistan, will Karanataka send an envoy to Islamadad to take care of him? No, Kerala will send an envoy to Islamabad to take care of him.

In all the dynamics, competent people from the state have to be involved and must have the ability to answer relevant questions. After that, if anyone from any corner, state, or region has better intellectual property, better solutions, or better resources to solve problems, let them display this on the Internet, and their suggestions can be sought.

Only rare products and services in essential ingredients of the economy of the state can be sought from far-off regions.

Moreover, instead of naming the northwest province, the state of Peshawar is a better option. The state of Peshawar starts 300 miles west of Srinagar, up to 600 miles further west. Instead of naming Pak punjab, the state of Islamabad is a better option. The state of Islamabad starts 300 miles south of the center point of the state of Peshawar, up to 600 miles south.

Why is a focus on a state and continent required?
Does the example make it clear?