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Recommendations Report
Recommendations on February 17, 2015
On Tuesday, February 17, 2015, at 2 pm, recommendations were issued by Asif Qureshi, founder of Qureshi University and the Global Democratic Party from Chicago, Illinois, North America.

Matters related to the appointment of Corrections Classification Officers in the Tihar and Rohini jails in Delhi.

Corrections Classification Officers should be truthful, well behaved, have abilities in the English language, possess a comprehensive knowledge of criminal law relevant to the public in the state and outside the state.

Why is there a need for the appointment of Corrections Classification Officers in the Tihar and Rohini jails in Delhi?

On February 10, 2015, a report was released relevant to detainees in the Tihar Jail and Rohini Jail and relevant to detainees from Kashmir.

Whose names have been elaborated on?

Names from Tihar Jail

Jail One

Muzaffar Ahmad Dar of Chichloora, Magam, Kashmir
Mushtaq Ahmad Lone of Kanelwan, Anantnag, Kashmir
Muhammad of Narwal, Kashmir
Muhammad Sidiq Ganai of Hathi Shah Sopore, Kashmir
Muhammad Rafiq Shah of Alasteng Srinagar, Kashmir
Ameer Abbas Dev of Asarabad Kishtwar, Kashmir
Muhammad Ghulam Jeelani Liloo, of Botapora Sopore, Kashmir

Jail Two

Mahmood Topiwala of Mamar Kangan, Kashmir
Shafaqat Ali Tuggu of Noorbagh Sopore, Kashmir
Tariq Ahmad Dar of Solina, Srinagar, Kashmir

Jail Three

Mohammad Shafi Shah of Bandipora, Kashmir
Waseem Akram Malik of Kishtwar, Kashmir
Mohammad Farooq Dagga of Kupwara, Kashmir

Jail Four

Latief Ahmad of Srinagar, Kashmir
Ghulam Ahmad Khaja of Poonch, Kashmir
Mohammad Rafiq of Poonch, Kashmir
Ahtisham Farooq Malik of Sopore, Kashmir

Jail Eight

Muhammad Aslam of Thana Mandi Rajouri, Kashmir
Tawseef Ahmad Pir of Sopore, Kashmir
Mohammad Hussain Fazili of Srinagar, Kashmir

Names from Rohini Jail, about nine km from Tihar

Talib Hussain of Bandipora, Kashmir
Ghulam Mohammad Bhat of Bandipora, Kashmir

Questions Corrections Classification Officers in the Tihar and Rohini jails should be able to answer:
What do you know about the inmate classification system?
What inmate classification system has been assigned to each individual in the report?
Why were they transferred from Kashmir?
What are the profiles of administrators at the Tihar and Rohini Jails?
What is the track record of good character and good behavior of each individual named for the last 35 years?
What facilities and services are available at the Tihar and Rohini jails?
What resources, medical, and legal help are detainees getting?
How many correctional officers are at the jails?
What are their profiles?
What plans have correctional officers constructed for the detainees?
What is the staff profile of the Tihar and Rohini jails?
What are the profiles of the judges, lawyers, and other officers who are involved in processing the cases of each individual?
What is the custody level of each individual?
Are records available for these individuals online?
Are these individuals a threat to public safety?
If so, in what ways are they a threat to public safety?

We stop it here. Once you get answers to these questions, we proceed again.