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Snowfall (Public health emergency)
March 3, 2015, snowfall in Kashmir, Asia.
On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, at 2 pm, recommendations were issued by Asif Qureshi, founder of Qureshi University and the Global Democratic Party from Chicago, Illinois, North America.

Heavy snowfall was reported on March 3, 2015, in Kashmir, Asia.

How do you manage such a public health emergency?
Media is the best method to reach out to the public.
The public must report any harms immediately through media.
Roads and buildings department in the state must fix issues immediately.
Air transportation must be replaced with aircraft certified to fly in extreme conditions.
Contact details of various departments, officers must be publicly available.

What harms and damages have occurred because of this incident?
Buildings and houses were damaged.
Road links were blocked.
Air transport was badly affected, with flights cancelled due to bad weather.
Power supply was badly affected.
There was fear of flooding, avalanches, and landslides.

At some locations, three feet snowfall was reported.

What is a winter storm?
Mix of rain, wind, snowfall, and ice.

Was this an individual emergency or public health emergency?<
Public health emergency.

How could this be prevented?
You cannot prevent snowfall from happening.
You can reduce harms/damage by proper weather forecasting.
You can reduce harms/damage by public service ready to manage such public heath emergencies ahead of time.
At least 40 departments in the state and outside the state must be ready to manage such situations.

Questions departments in the state and outside need to answer ahead of time.
When is snowfall expected?
In what area is snowfall expected?
How much snowfall is expected?
What departments in the state and outside the state must be ready to manage such a situation?
How many workers are expected to manage such situation in the state or outside the state?
What areas are safe?
What areas are not safe?
Who has the duty to manage such emergencies in the state and outside the state?

Directives must go ahead through media in this situation, particularly the Internet.

All essential government departments, employees, and the public in Kashmir and outside Kashmir must be reminded to follow guidelines at this resource:

If you have any issues, questions, let me know through media or email, call, fax, or forward a postal mail.