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February 22, 2015
Alert about fraudsters in the system in the disguise of politicians.
On February 22, 2015, findings by various sources were issued against fraudsters from BJP-PDP-NC-Congress from Kashmir and outside Kashmir, Asia.

These findings from Kashmir and other regions were endorsed by many resources. Moreover, it has been mentioned that a BJP-PDP alliance won’t make a difference. BJP and PDP or Congress and National Conference or any other similar entities either are occupiers or fraudsters.

If BJP-PDP-NC-Congress has been declared as fraudsters, they should not be allowed to participate in public issues or individual issues. This is a matter of well-being of millions of residents and individuals as well. They can bring disaster in their life due to being fraudsters and harmful to others. A restraining order must be issued against them through various departments in Kashmir and elsewhere.

Any individual belonging to BJP-PDP-NC-Congress cannot participate in public or individual issues. Any individual belonging to BJP-PDP-NC-Congress cannot have aircraft access. Publications of these BJP-PDP-NC-Congress fraudsters and criminals should be banned.

There should be a directive for BJP-PDP-NC-Congress to stay away from public issues and individual issues. No members of BJP-PDP-NC-Congress can hold any executive position in Kashmir or outside Kashmir. Confiscation of the properties of BJP-PDP-NC-Congress is required. Because of harms and frauds, imprisonment with further punishments is the only option. All superintendents of jails from Kashmir and other locations must remain on alert: you will have extra 120 inmates from these fraudsters.

All essential government departments, employees, and the public in Kashmir and outside Kashmir must be reminded to follow guidelines at this resource: