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December 15, 2012
What should investigators be aware of?

Inflicting harms, then coming as saviors, have become a common action of criminals masquerading as presidents.

Here are various examples: A 2004 blast in Istanbul; incidentally George Bush was there. A blast in Latin America; incidentally George Bush was there.

March 20, 2000, and April 3, 2000, Massacres in Kashmir that left up to 49 Kashmiri civilians dead; incidentally Bill Clinton had visited the region.

December 15, 2012, massacre in Connecticut; incidentally Barack Obama mourns, claiming to be president. They harm and then promote themselves as saviors.

They inflict harms and then declare they are saviors. To be charged with crimes is inevitable.
Death penalty is justifiable.

How should charges go ahead?
Here is an example.

A former prime minister of Thailand has been charged with murder. Abhisit Vejjajiva’s murder charges stem from the use of live ammunition that led to 90 civilian deaths and about 1,800 people being injured.