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North American Aerospace Defense
Air Strikes Issues with Criminal Activities
Doctor Asif Qureshi, founder of Qureshi University, the Global Democratic party, and founder of United Continents of the World and United states of the world on October 4, 2015, from Chicago, Illinois, North America, reminded the North American Aerospace Defense Command of its duty to prevent aerial bombings around the world that are criminal activities.

Some criminals conducted air strikes on a hospital in Afganistan on October 3, 2015, killing 19.
Has Ashton Carter, claiming to be the US defense secretary, lost his senses?
Does he know this will bring air strikes from all around the world due to facts world has condemned these air strikes?

North American Aerospace Defense Command: What do you have to do?

Forcible resignation of Ashton Carter, claiming to be US secretary of defense.
Forcible resignation of Barack Obama.
Name of Guilty: Barack Obama
Attached photograph:
Sentence/Punishment: Death penalty
Projected Parole Eligibility: Not Eligible
Date of birth: August 4, 1961
Offenses: Abuse of Office
Abuse of Office and Misuse of Administrative Resources
Abuses and Usurpations
Accessory to a Felony
Criminal Conspiracies

Barack Obama claiming to be president of the United States, Joe Biden claiming to be vice president of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden must be updated; you are among the accused. You cannot get involved in public issues.
All media and advertisers must be update about these facts.

What punishments do you deserve?
Dishonorable discharge from service with punishment.

Harms have been detailed in the enclosure.
Barack Obama could face 10 years to life in prison, says a judge.
Retired General Calls For Obama's Forced Resignation
Barack Obama has to face judicial death penalty, says Asif Qureshi, the complainant.

The individual in the photograph, Barack Obama, should face:
Travel ban.
Aircraft access ban.
Public speech ban, being class 1 felon.
Confiscation of all his assets.
Further punishments are required.
Barack Obama is a class 1 Felon.
A Class 1 felon like Barack Obama cannot visit other locations on planned or unplanned visit.
A Class 1 felon like Barack Obama cannot make any public decisions.

Further facts at

Maryland department of corrections: remind Barack Obama that president of the United States of America has to be transferred to Maryland jail and is not eligible for parole.

Maryland department of corrections, take help from Maryland state police, Maryland military, powered by other states. District of Columbia corrections is seeking help due to facts this area does not have established department of corrections resources.
Central Intelligence agency: remind all overseas he is a class 1 felon; death penalty is only option.

Coordinate with Asian military and global military for forcible resignation of Putin, the individual in the photograph.

Confiscate their assets.
Imprison these criminals with further punishments.
Identify the original locations of these airstrikes and close military bases around the world with origin of criminal activities, including the Pentagon.
Criminal proceedings against them must go ahead.

What is the mailing address of North American Aerospace Defense Command?

North American Aerospace Defense Command
250 Vandenberg St.
Suite B-016
Peterson Air Force Base CO 80914-3808

Worldwide for the time being, recognize North American Aerospace Defense Command.
Recognize North American States.

What types of commanders have been nominated from North American Aerospace Defense Command?
Five commanders have been nominated from the North American Aerospace Defense Command.
One of them can be the North American President.
You need to prove your effectiveness.

What is your response to these facts?