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Organized & disorganized offenders
November 29, 2015
What are examples of organized and disorganized offenders?
Barrack Obama is an organized offender.

What is the proof of this fact?
Here are various examples.

What is an organized offender?
An organized offender’s crimes generally show evidence of careful planning.

What is a disorganized offender?
Disorganized offenders are spontaneous and show little evidence of planning.

What should those who are investigating and analyzing these issues understand?
Class 1 felon criminals, such as individuals in jail, are not allowed any public deliberations.
Accused and guilty listed here are Class 1 felons.

Media need forcible closure from the police and military.

What media need forcible closure from the police and military to reinforce these criminals?

Why are some types of accused and guilty who are still out of jail?
They are tricking the administration of justice inside and outside the state.
They declare their resignation and then pretend as if they did not resign.
The forcible resignation of Barrack Obama, with the further punishment of all accused and guilty individuals, is essential.

What penalties, bans, punishments, actions, measures, embargoes, sentences, commands, and writs are mandatory for Barrack Obama as a class 1 felon?
Aircraft access ban.
Agreement ban. All his signed agreements are invalid.
Confiscate all his assets.
Financial ban. He cannot circulate any checks or financial aid.
Job appointment ban. He cannot approve any job appointments.
Postal circulation ban.
Publication ban. He cannot circulate any media publications.
Telephone call ban inside and outside America.
Death penalty for Barrack Obama.

Military Police

What are the duties of the military police in these issues?
The military police must go to locations that need the services of military police against criminals inside any military bases.
Arrange for executioners to put these criminals—the accused and guilty class 1 felons—to death, as elaborated among the accused and guilty.