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Kashmir, Asia
Death Investigations Kashmir, Asia.
November 23, 2015 and November 24, 2015
What has happened?
Names of deceased: Adil, Amir and Arif all residents of Bijbehara, Kashmir, Asia.
Date of death: November 23, 2015
Ages of deceased: Not available.
Circumstances of death: Further investigations required.
Verification by: Police Anantnag, Kashmir, Asia.
Location: Silgam area of Aishmuqam, Kashmir, Asia.

What should happen after the death of an individual?
Normally, this sequence happens.
Announcement of death
If sudden, unexpected, premature death, investigations, forensic analysis, and case handed over to state administration of justice.
(Arrests, detention, termination of services, further punishments)
Death certificate issuance
Funeral prayers
In case of sudden, premature, unexpected death, investigations required follow-up.
Circumstances of death must be elaborated minute by minute, second by second.

What was the community scenario on November 24, 2015, in Kashmir, Asia?
Government offices in Kashmir were closed on this day and vehicular movement was light.
Thousands attended funeral of Adil, Amir and Arif.
Green flags were seen hoisted in Bijbehara, Kashmir on November 24, 2015.

Questions that need to be answered.

Adil, Amir and Arif: What is their complete profile?
When exactly did they pick up weapons?
What were the circumstance of Adil, Amir and Arif that led to picking of weapons?
How old were Adil, Amir and Arif?
Who are among family members of Adil, Amir and Arif?
What was the profile of Adil, Amir and Arif from birth until death November 23, 2015?
Troops that encountered them on November 23, 2015: What is their complete profile?
What do troops belonging to this category know about standard operating procedure?
What was the exact scenario minute by minute at the location of encounter?
What do troops understand of rescue by negotiation and rescue by force?
How did troops establish rescue by negotiation method?
Where were the troops involved on November 23, 2015 trained and educated?

We stop here. Once we get answers to these questions, we proceed again.