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Doctor Asif Qureshi, founder of Qureshi University, the Global Democratic Party, and founder of United Continents of the World and United States of the World, forwards this message dated
December 25, 2015, from Chicago, Illinois, North America.
On December 25, 2015 Umais Ahmad Sheikh, a teenage resident of Chatepora Pulwama, was killed during a search and siege operation at Saderkote Bala in Bandipora, Kashmir.

Was such an operation justified?
The answer is clearly no.

When are criminal investigations justified?
If sudden, premature, unexpected death occurs, or there is grievous injury and / or irreparable harm.
In such cases, criminal investigations should lead to appropriate punishment.

Why are search and siege operations, which cause death, grievous injury, or irreparable harm, criminal offences with particular reference to the above situation?
Death or irreparable harm has occurred.
Sudden, premature, unexpected death has occurred.
Due process of law has been violated.
Standard operating procedure has been violated.
The code of criminal procedure has been violated.
Human rights are violated.
Administrative procedures are ignored.
Vicarious liability of those from administration supervising the situation.

What punishments do those involved in this search and siege operation deserve?
Termination of service.
Termination of employment of those supervising the situation.
A cautionary reminder that such people work in public service for the benefit of the public.