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Doctor Asif Qureshi, founder of Qureshi University, the Global Democratic Party, and founder of United Continents of the World and United States of the World, forwards this message dated
December 1, 2015, from Chicago, Illinois, North America:
Police/military firearms training in the state and outside the state.

Police are the ears and eyes of justice.
If police lie, the system will collapse.

State criminal law should be taught first.
1.Criminal law (state law)
2.Civil law.
3.International law.
4.Administrative law in the state.
5.State constitution or world constitution.
6.Military equipment orientation and training has to be taught at the end.

Police are the first line of defense in the state.
Military in the state is second line of defense.

Police/military firearms training in the state and outside the state.

What are other terms for this type of course for police in the state and outside the state?
Police gun training
Firearms training

Has a police officer or military officer been charged with murder while shooting a person to death?

Why are police/military in the state and outside the state given training?
So that police and military protect themselves and others without any harms.
If harms occur from police or military in the state and outside the state, such police and military will be terminated from service with further punishments depending on the harms.

If police or military in the state at any location or situation face bodily harm, shoot in the air, shoot in air to diffuse the situation, shoot at the most in leg to subdue and arrest if a person is causing bodily harm without provocation.

If you have answers to these questions, issues will be clear.

What is due process of law in the state and outside the state?
What is standard operating procedure in the state and outside the state?
What is code of criminal procedure in the state outside the state?
What is code of civil procedure in the state and outside the state?
What are examples of human rights violation in the state and outside the state?
What are examples of administrative procedure act violation in the state and outside the state?
What are examples of State public information act violation in the state and outside the state?
What are examples of open meetings act violation in the state and outside the state?

What should investigators know about guns?
Annotation or definition of a gun.
Duties of police and military with guns
Types of guns.
Examples of gun harms.
Manufacturers of guns and duties of every state.
Questions to answer in incidents of shooting with a gun on ground.

What is a gun?
A weapon that shoots bullets or shells.
A weapon consisting of a metal tube from which a projectile is fired at high velocity.

What is another word for gun?

What are the types of guns?
Long guns
Mounted or rested guns


What are handguns?
These guns are designed to be held in one hand.

What are examples of handguns?
Semiautomatic handguns
Machine pistols

Long guns

What are long guns?
Long guns are sometimes called shoulder guns.

What are examples of long guns?

Mounted or Rested Guns

What are mounted or rested guns?
These guns are rested on the ground or mounted on something.

What are examples of mounted or rested guns?
Large machine guns
Guns mounted on aircraft, tanks, ships.
If guns are of caliber greater than .50, they are called cannons.

What is shooting with a gun on the ground?
Shooting with a gun on ground refers to the use of a gun on the ground.

What are other terms for shooting on the ground?
Encounter with guns.
Gun battle breaks out on ground.

What are scenarios of shooting on ground?
One-way shooting.
Shooting on both sides.

What have been findings in various encounters with guns?
Stage managed encounter with guns.
Alluring individual giving guns and placing them in an encounter.
Standard operating procedure violations.

Duties of police and military with guns

Can a police officer or military officer shoot a person to death?

Why cannot a police officer or military officer shoot a person to death?
Police or military are for protection.
Police or military are not for getting involved in criminal offenses.
If there is any violation by anyone, police or military has to arrest, detain, subdue a person without harms.

What are examples of various shooting incidents that have lead to death or irreparable harms?
Here are various examples.

What are examples when a police officer on duty has been charged with murder while shooting to death?
Prosecutors announced first-degree murder charges on Tuesday against officer Jason Van Dyke, 37, in the Oct. 20, 2014 shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Van Dyke shot McDonald 16 times and started shooting just six seconds after emerging from his patrol car, emptying his gun at McDonald and preparing to reload.
Police officer was charged 13 months later after incident.

Questions to answer in incidents of shooting with a gun on the ground.

What has happened?
What types of guns were utilized?
What happened before, during, and after the shooting?
What is the profile of the victim?
How many suspects are there?
What is their profile?
Was shooting on the ground one-sided or two-sided?
What harms have occurred due to shooting?
How many total individuals were at the scene on both sides of shooting?
Who is behind the individual or individuals of shooting gun scenario?
Who are the manufacturers of these guns?
Was standard operating procedure violated?
Was there any stage managed case scenario?
Were there any deaths due to this incident?
How many total deaths are there due to this incident?
What harms have occurred due to the shooting?
How could this shooting with a gun on ground be prevented?

What are examples of various states in various continents around the world?

North American States

  1. Alabama (AL)

  2. Alaska (AK)

  3. Arizona (AZ)

  4. Arkansas (AR)

  5. Alberta (AB)

  6. British Columbia (BC)

  7. California (CA)

  8. Colorado (CO)

  9. Connecticut (CT)

  10. Delaware (DE)

  11. Florida (FL)

  12. Georgia (GA)

  13. Hawaii (HI)

  14. Idaho (ID)

  15. Illinois (IL)

  16. Indiana (IN)

  17. Iowa (IA)

  18. Kansas (KS)

  19. Kentucky (KY)

  20. Louisiana (LA)

  21. Maine (ME)

  22. Maryland (MD)

  23. Massachusetts (MA)

  24. Michigan (MI)

  25. Minnesota (MN)

  26. Mississippi (MS)

  27. Missouri (MO)

  28. Montana (MT)

  29. Manitoba (MB)

  30. Mexico (MX)

  31. Nebraska (NE)

  32. Nevada (NV)

  33. New Hampshire (NH)

  34. New Jersey (NJ)

  35. New Mexico (NM)

  36. New York (NY)

  37. North Carolina (NC)

  38. North Dakota (ND)

  39. New Brunswick (NB)

  40. Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

  41. Northwest Territories (NT)

  42. Nova Scotia (NS)

  43. Nunavut (NU)

  44. Ohio (OH)

  45. Oklahoma (OK)

  46. Oregon (OR)

  47. Ontario (ON)

  48. Pennsylvania (PA)

  49. Prince Edward Island (PE)

  50. Quebec (QC)

  51. Rhode Island (RI)

  52. South Carolina (SC)

  53. South Dakota (SD)

  54. Saskatchewan (SK)

  55. Tennessee (TN)

  56. Texas (TX)

  57. Utah (UT)

  58. Vermont (VT)

  59. Virginia (VA)

  60. Washington (WA)

  61. West Virginia (WV)

  62. Wisconsin (WI)

  63. Wyoming (WY)

  64. Yukon (YT)
    Asian States

  65. Albania

  66. Andorra

  67. Armenia

  68. Austria

  69. Azerbaijan

  70. Arkhangelsk Oblast

  71. Anhui Province

  72. Afghanistan

  73. Assam

  74. Arunachal Pradesh

  75. Andhra Pradesh

  76. Andaman and Nicober Islands

  77. Balochistan

  78. Bahrain

  79. Bangladesh

  80. Belarus

  81. Belgium

  82. Bhutan

  83. Bihar

  84. Brunei

  85. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  86. Bulgaria

  87. Chechnya

  88. Croatia

  89. Cyprus

  90. Czech Republic

  91. Cambodia

  92. Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

  93. Chhattisgarh

  94. Daman and Diu

  95. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

  96. Dagestan

  97. Denmark

  98. England

  99. Estonia

  100. East Timor

  101. Finland

  102. Fujian Province

  103. France

  104. Gujarat

  105. Goa

  106. Georgia

  107. Germany

  108. Gibraltar

  109. Greece

  110. Gansu Province

  111. Guangdong Province

  112. Guangxi Province

  113. Guizhou

  114. Heilongjiang

  115. Hong Kong

  116. Hubei

  117. Hainan Province

  118. Henan Province

  119. Hunan Province

  120. Himachal Pradesh

  121. Hungary

  122. Inner Mongolia

  123. Indonesia

  124. Iran

  125. Iraq

  126. Iceland

  127. Ireland

  128. Italy

  129. Japan

  130. Jeddah

  131. Jiangxi Province

  132. Jordan

  133. Jiangsu

  134. Jiangxi

  135. Jilin

  136. Jharkhand

  137. Kashmir

  138. Karnataka

  139. Kerala

  140. Kazakhstan

  141. Korea - North

  142. Korea - South

  143. Kyrgyzstan

  144. Kuwait

  145. Kaliningrad Oblast

  146. Lakshadweep

  147. Latvia

  148. Liechtenstein

  149. Lithuania

  150. Luxembourg

  151. Laos

  152. Lebanon

  153. Liaoning Province

  154. Liaoning

  155. Manipur

  156. Mizoram

  157. Maharashtra

  158. Madhya Pradesh

  159. Meghalaya

  160. Malaysia

  161. Maldives

  162. Magadan Oblast

  163. Mongolia

  164. Myanmar

  165. Macedonia

  166. Malta

  167. Medina

  168. Mecca

  169. Moldova

  170. Monaco

  171. Montenegro

  172. NCT of Delhi

  173. Nagaland

  174. Netherlands

  175. Northern Ireland

  176. Norway

  177. Ningxia

  178. Nepal

  179. Oman

  180. Orissa

  181. Puducherry

  182. Punjab

  183. Peshawar

  184. Philippines

  185. Poland

  186. Portugal

  187. Palestine

  188. Qinghai Province

  189. Qinghai

  190. Qatar

  191. Rajasthan

  192. Romania

  193. Sikkim

  194. Syria

  195. Sindh

  196. Singapore

  197. Sri Lanka

  198. Scotland

  199. Serbia

  200. Slovakia

  201. Slovenia

  202. Spain

  203. Sweden

  204. Switzerland

  205. Shaanxi Province

  206. Shandong

  207. Shanxi

  208. Sichuan

  209. Taiwan

  210. Tajikistan

  211. Thailand

  212. Tibet

  213. Tripura

  214. Tamil Nadu

  215. Turkey

  216. Turkmenistan

  217. Ukraine

  218. Uzbekistan

  219. Uttarakhand

  220. United Arab Emirates

  221. Uttar Pradesh

  222. Vietnam

  223. Vatican City

  224. Wales

  225. West Bengal

  226. Xinjiang

  227. Yunnan

  228. Yamalia

  229. Yemen

  230. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

  231. Zhejiang

  232. Algeria

  233. Angola

  234. Burundi

  235. Benin

  236. Burkina Faso

  237. Botswana

  238. Cape Verde

  239. Côte d'Ivoire

  240. Comoros

  241. Cameroon

  242. Central African Republic

  243. Chad

  244. Canary Islands

  245. Ceuta

  246. Democratic Republic of the Congo

  247. Djibouti

  248. Egypt

  249. Eritrea

  250. Ethiopia

  251. Equatorial Guinea

  252. Gabon

  253. Gambia

  254. Ghana

  255. Guinea

  256. Guinea-Bissau

  257. Kenya

  258. Liberia

  259. Libya

  260. Lesotho

  261. Madagascar

  262. Malawi

  263. Mauritius

  264. Mayotte

  265. Mozambique

  266. Mali

  267. Mauritania

  268. Madeira

  269. Melilla

  270. Morocco

  271. Niger

  272. Nigeria

  273. Namibia

  274. Réunion

  275. Rwanda

  276. Republic of the Congo

  277. São Tomé and Príncipe

  278. Saint Helena

  279. Senegal

  280. Sierra Leone

  281. Seychelles

  282. Somalia

  283. South Africa

  284. Swaziland

  285. South Sudan

  286. Sudan

  287. Tanzania

  288. Togo

  289. Tunisia

  290. Uganda

  291. Western Sahara

  292. Zambia

  293. Zimbabwe

  294. Northern Territory

  295. South Australia

  296. Queensland

  297. New South Wales

  298. Victoria (Australia)

  299. Western Australian

  300. Tasmania

  301. New Zealand

  302. Acre (Asif Province)

  303. Alagoas

  304. Amapá

  305. Amazonas

  306. Bahia

  307. Buenos Aires Province

  308. Ceará

  309. Chubut Province

  310. Córdoba Province

  311. Goiás

  312. Bolivia

  313. Chile

  314. Colombia

  315. Ecuador

  316. Falkland Islands

  317. French Guiana

  318. Guyana

  319. Paraguay

  320. Peru

  321. Río Negro

  322. Santa Cruz

  323. Santa Fe Province

  324. Salta Province

  325. South Georgia

  326. Suriname

  327. Uruguay

  328. Venezuela