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January 13, 2014
English language books
What English language books should an 18-year-old individual have?
  1. English language word Book.

  2. English language glossary Book.

  3. English language grammar Book.

  4. English language dictionary.

  5. English language thesaurus.

  6. English language documents.

  7. English language human resources.

  8. English language writing guidelines.

  9. English language speaking guidelines.

  10. English language reading guidelines.

  11. English language translation from other languages.
I am Asif Qureshi.
I am the founder of Qureshi University and the Global Democratic party.

About the Founder

I am a medical doctor.
Take a look at this.

This is in addition to being a medical doctor.
What are the key products and services?
Search engine, consultancy services, professional training, books, other products and services.

Take a look at this.
What is it?
It is a search engine.

Take a look at this.
What is it?
It is an education resource.

I have authored more than 30 books.

Circulate this to all.

How can you get one copy of each book?
You can get one copy of each book from the state department of education,
state department of higher education, state department of libraries, other departments in various states.
If the state has not procured these books, remind these departments to do so.

How long has it taken to author these books?
It has taken the author of these books, Asif Qureshi, more than 10 years to author these books.

Up to January 13, 2014, there was no such book in schools, colleges, universities, libraries, or various departments in various states.

You are required to facilitate circulation of these books and other books authored by me with remuneration.

Where are these books useful?
Almost all departments in various states need these books.
Almost all residents of various states need these books.

What are examples of various state departments of education, state departments of higher education, state department of libraries, and other department in various states that must have these books?
Who are the audience or focus population by the author of these books?
Here are further guidelines.